Learning wordpress and blogging, with high ambitions

Right, so I’ve got myself a blog 🙂 Thinking to share a little of my busy little life. My days are mostly filled with work at the webshop, family life with my husband and two children, taking care of our two horses (and a few other pets), as well as my favourite hobby and endless passion for Tanzania.

Politics is something which has never interessted me before – until I came to realize that the only way to make a change in this world is to get involved. And that’s what I’m doing. I want to share ideas, I want discussions, and most of all  – I want change.

I want to change the way rich countries take part in keeping 3rd world countries as poor as they are. I want to change the way people look at Africa. I want to change the most common ways people raise their children to less violent solutions. And I want to change the treatment services for people addicted to drugs in Norway. I want to change life for all the poor people suffering in Romania. And as for all thing things I havn’t mentioned yet – well – you’ll get to hear about them soon enough.

I hope you’ll follow, take part and join in discussions. And if you’ve got some good advice for a new blogger, then I will be happy for all advices I can get 🙂

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