What kind of aid actually works? Sawa World makes a difference!

Sawa World bus and CD

Sawa World bus and CD

We have all seen it, time and time again, all the aid and support to Africa that leads to nowhere. I recon that to be allowed to call it “helping people” there should be legal guidelines to make sure that the solutions are actually sustainable, and not just some advertising stunt from rich contries or companies which will lead to nowhere.

This is where Sawa World makes a huge difference. Sawa World works with local solutions, local people and and solutions that can work for anyone who wants or needs it. They are making PERMANENT CHANGE.

That is why I want to support Sawa World, and this time I have done it by purchasing products in their webshop. I just received my Sawa Bus and Sawa World CD last week, and I am truly enjoying the music. The children singing on the CD are truly talented young boys, and they deserve to be heard! My children loves to play with the bus – it has already driven many times around our living room.

Would you also like to support Sawa World? You may donate money or purchase products in the Sawa World online store. It will help to make permanent change for the people who needs it the most 🙂

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