Fair trade – for both people and the environment

Maasai Dog Collar - Fair trade

Halter & Lead is taking action to better the world: now forcusing on fair trade and eco friendly products. These are Maasai Dog Collars made by the Maasai people in Kenya.

I have been running a webshop for petgear for about 6 years now. Yes, it’s fun, but it can also be very demotavating some times – specially when my focus is elsewhere. So I had to figure out what would actually be motivating to sell. And after a little planning – we are now changing course! Halter & Lead AS is now going to focus on taking in products who is eco friendly and is made under fair trade conditions.

Our first product in is the Maasai Dog Collars. These dog collars are made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya. So we are told that these collars are made under fair trade conditions, but as we all know – things aren’t always as we are told. Does anyone have any “real life” experince as to where and how these collars are made? I would love to hear about it!

We all want a better world, but it is easy to put business first and say “yes, but I need these products. I can’t get those products fair trade og eco friendly”, but if we can put that aside for a moment, the market will have to adjust accordingly to customers demand.

So – WAKE UP – everyone who produces pet gear – we now want eco friendly products made under fair trade conditions!

Do you have a pet at home? How much money do you spend on that pet? Wouldn’t it feel better if you knew that those money where actually taking part in changing the world to the better for everyone?
Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear your opinion!

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