Africa for Norway – the tables have turned!

How often do we see the terrible pictures and videos from Africa with starving children, illness, famine and whatever worse situations you might find in Africa. But do we ever get to see the other side of the coin? Do we ever get the see the rapid growth of development and technology, the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, happy people, awsome safari lodges, high level schools, business development and all the other beautiful sides of Africa?

And by the way – what does “Africa” mean to you? Do we ever even remember that “Africa” is actually a continent – not a country? It is different from one side to the other – just like Europe. The people, the cultures, the nature and all – is different from one country to another. But for a tourist in “Africa” for the first time, who does not speak the language…. it might be difficult to understand and to see it?

Some Norwegian student has really taken a stand to the way we present Africa to the rest of the world. The project Radi-Aid and the fantatsic video Africa for Norway  gives a clear picture of the impression people will get of a country or continent if they are only represented with one side of the coin – the negative. They are creating awarenss of how and what we are presenting to people when working with aid.

Africa for Norway is doing an absolutely wonderful job creating awareness of the impression we are giving the rest of the world when distributing negative information to try to create a positive outcome. How would we like Norway to be presented to Africa??

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