How (not) to write about Africa

I could not help but loving this video! Therefore I am sharing it with you today.

There are so much critics these days about how not to write about Africa – and they are well deserved. But is there any posts that covers what should be written? You are welcome to post links, and I would love to hear your opinion!

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One Response to How (not) to write about Africa

  1. i think anyone can write about Africa and most of all freely, writing is about voicing out your thoughts, this is a free world where everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    which in return one might agree with what you saying and some might not agree,

    your job as writer is to speak and free your self, how we receive or choose to interpret you , is for us…

    however i do think anyone that wants to write about Africa, must at least research and come to know not only our continent, but us as Africans, our culture and our well being in general..

    some of the things that people write or say about Africa are down right really out of this world, mind blowing, almost like a horrible dream, ..,

    very sad that we are so misunderstood…..

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