Crash course in how to tie a tie

As a mother of a young man to be, I was not surprised that this situation would arise. I was just not prepared for the timing. 4th grade was having a costyme party, and my 9 years old son was dressing up as Harry Potter. And the one thing I had forgotten to ask my husband to take care of before he went to work that morning – was the tie.

So – in the middle of making breakfast and preparing school and kindergarden lunches, dressing children, packing school bags, feeding the house pets and making sure we would get to school in time – I thanked God for the internet and learned to tied my first tie.

On an internet site I found great, detailed instructions for four different knots. So easy that even I could manage to follow, and create an axeptable tie knot in few minutes and still have the children at school and kindergarten in time. So to all others who might need to tie a tie at some stage of your life; this is absolutely recommended: how to tie a tie.
Good luck!

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2 Responses to Crash course in how to tie a tie

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    In my country, we are made to wear ties every monday for school, So we actually learn them when we enter primary school. LOL.

    • Solfant says:

      Haha, that is wonderful! We should really have to learn that in Norway too! We don’t have school uniforms, but knowing how to tie a tie is most certainly useful to most people and should definately be mandatory in school 🙂

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