1st Augsburg visit – BCA Clinic

BCA Clinic Augsburg

Me arriving for the first time at the BCA Clinic Augsburg, Germany.

Years of Lyme disease and lack of treatment has brought me here – now I believe in the future! It’s my time for treatment 🙂

Back in Norway after my first visit at the BCA Clinic, Augsburg in Germ

any. Exhausted but happy that the process has started, full of new impressions and thoughts. Seems like I’ll be spending some time in Augsburg in the months/years to come. I am very happy that my dear husband travelled with me on this first trip, and for you who are travelling to Augsburg for the first time, I will share our experience to, hopefully, make your journey a little easier.

Travel: As we live in southern Norway, we have taken flights from Kristiansand, via Amsterdam to München. From München we got on the train. The flight, return ticket, cost us NOK 2626 pr person travelling with KLM. It was a little challenging buying train tickets on the automatic ticket stations, but apart from that we were very satisfied with the train trip. We had to change trains once, but it was fairly easy to find our way around. Both the train trips together took about 1,5 hours (+/-), but it can depend on how long it takes in between the connecting trains. The cost of the train fair for to people between München and Augsburg can vary a little, but costs about 25-50 Euro for two people. Alternatively, if you would like to take a taxi, the price is about 115 Euros (but you might be able to make a bargain down to 110 Euros) between München Airport and Augsburg city centre and takes 1 – 1,5 hours.

Accommodation: We had booked at room at Ibis Hotel Koenigsplatz. The photos on the internet gave a good impression, but the hotel was not at all up to the standard that we expected. Despite that, we had a good stay, the staff was super friendly, the food was ok and so were the rooms (apart from the carpet on the floors, lol). Beware that this hotel does not have an outdoor area, not even a place to sit in the sun and enjoy a coffee, so if you like the outdoors, you might wanna consider staying somewhere else. We got a “business package” deal with breakfast included at the price of 266 Euros for two adults for three nights. As we are coming back soon, possibly the whole family, we have also had a look at other accommodation options. The Diako seems like a nice place with sensible prices for both family rooms and appartments, but unfortunately it was fully booked in the time period that we will be coming back.

Around the city of Augsburg: For a stroll around Augsburg city center :-)Augsburg is a lovely little town, and it’s easy to get around by tram or taxi. Or if you’re healthy enough to walk – there are many things to see in the city center. We’ve been to the town hall with the golden hall, the Augsburg Cathedral (dom) and the rathausplatz (town hall square), which are all located close to each other. The rathausplatz has nice cafes/restaurants which is an excellent place to enjoy Augsburg on a sunny day. A typical price for a main dish at a restaurant is about 10-15 Euros. You can get around anywhere in the city with a taxi for about 5-10 Euros. We didn’t try the tram, so I don’t know anything about it, but it seems to go everywhere around the city center at all times. Note that on Sundays all shops are closed, but some tourist attractions are open.

BCA Clinic: We got a warm welcome at the BCA Clinic. Both doctors and nurses gave a very professional impression and it was a HEAVNELY experience to be believed by the doctor who took my medical history and complaints serious. They took a lot of tests, blood samples and ECG, and I will have to take more tests next time when I come back. Despite the fact that the doctor recons I am a complicated case, with many possible co-infections, and possible other diagnosis too, I feel that they are very thorough with all tests, checking for/excluding all possible diagnosis, and for the time being I feel convinced that they will be able to help me get well. I have got a new appointment to come back soon, and expect to be starting treatment then. It feels both exciting and scary. Excited to finally get started on treatment. Scary to think about what they might, or might not find, on the tests. For those of you wondering what this private treatment costs, I can tell you that it is not cheap. On the other hand – without health one has got nothing, so I see this as an investment. The consultation cost was 360 Euros and the costs of the test (which will vary from person to person according to which tests the doctor recons you need) was 1300 Euros. These prices are including the Visa payment charge. The doctor also recommended some supplements for me to start on. The price of supplements comes in addition to everything else. The three supplements I am staring on now cost 85 Euros all together.

Summary: We have enjoyed our first stay in Augsburg. The people here are friendly and seem happy to have tourists here, and most of them speak understandable English. There seems to be plenty of places to stay, with different standards and prices, and we’ll check out some more in the time to come. If you have comments or recommendations to share, please feel free to comment below. I’m sure others will also appreciate your recommendations and advice J I wish everybody going to the BCA Clinic a safe and comfortable journey. May you all get well and get your lives back 🙂

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