Continued Lyme treatment in Germany/Norway

Important words to remember.

Important words to remember

Finally here again – Augsburg, Germany. The ceiling of the room at hotel Ost am Kö in Augsburg is just as white as most other ceilings… The ceiling lamp is actually quite nice… And my backpain is killing me…. and my knees…

I arrived yesterday after the worst trip ever. Already in the ticket que at Kjevik I was wrecked, so the airline ordered assistance for me all the way. It’s the first time I have received this kind of help. And yes; it was very helpful and no; I wouldn’t have managed without it – but oh so humiliating! Beeing put in a wheelchair cause my own two feet just simply wouldn’t carry me to the flight gate… I never thought it could be so hard, but it was certainly breaking some mental barriers.
A wise woman once told me that “When you’re young you learn to receieve (knowlede, love, life). And when you’re old you’re gonna learn to let go…. until you let og of life itself”. I’m not that old… yet, but I’m certainly having to learn to let go. Letting go of all the things I once managed, and things that I took for granted.

The hotel I’m staying at in Augsburg is nice, higher standard than Ibis that we stayed at last time, and this hotel is even cheaper. But they don’t have a restaurant, so to get dinner tonight I’m gonna have to go out. It’s not really what my body feels like right now.

The BCA Clinic had already got my blood test results when I got there this morning. The test results don’t seem to have changed much since last time I was here, so the doctor added some more medicines and supplements. He said that my lack of immune system is a big part of the problem right now… as well as the lyme disease and all the co’s.

Since I stared treatment at the BCA Clinic I have tripled my vitamin Ds and doubled my vitamin Bs. I also take magnesium which I didn’t take before. The treatment also invovles different kinds of supplements and 2 kinds of antibiotics, and some differents medicine for biofilms etc.

lyme disease, iv treatment

Intravenous antibiotic treatment for lyme disease at Frivolltun, Grimstad.

Friday 29th September I finished my first 8 weeks treatment of intravenous antibiotics. I am now going to continue with oral antibiotics. And when that’s been said; I’m one of the very lucky people in Norway who has managed to get iv treatment arranged at home, paid by the government. Hjemmesykepleien in Grimstad has been absolutely fabulous! They have helped me with the iv treatment and given me the very best of care I could possibly wish for. And not only have they made sure I’ve gotten my medicines, but they have also been there to talk to every day of treatment – good days and bad days – through laughter and tears.

To all of you at Grimstad Hjemmesykepleien, both the permanent Norwegain employees and the Swedish temporary holiday workers: thank you so much for getting me trough this! I’m forever thankful 😀

iv treament for lyme disease

Last day of iv treatment. Nurse Kjersti and me at Frivolltun, Grimstad.

And also: thank you so much to the doctors who are helping me on the way, both in Norway and in Germany ❤ Your help is giving me my life back, and I do appreciate the risk you are taking for me.

And to those of you who are wondering how to get help with iv treatment through Hjemmesykepleien in Norway; please message me privately for more information. It is possible to make it happen 😉

Well that’s it for now. I’m going to check out another restaurant in Augsburg. Best wishes and love to all other lymes out there. One day there will be treatment for all of us in our own countires – covered by our governments. One day. And I think sooner rather than later ❤

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  1. Claus Christensen says:

    Hi! Reading your blog with great interest. What is the latest news from you about your treatments at BCA ? I am currently considering the same. Best regards Claus

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