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Continued Lyme treatment in Germany/Norway

Finally here again – Augsburg, Germany. The ceiling of the room at hotel Ost am Kö in Augsburg is just as white as most other ceilings… The ceiling lamp is actually quite nice… And my backpain is killing me…. and … Continue reading

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1st Augsburg visit – BCA Clinic

Years of Lyme disease and lack of treatment has brought me here – now I believe in the future! It’s my time for treatment 🙂 Back in Norway after my first visit at the BCA Clinic, Augsburg in Germ any. … Continue reading

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To be or not to be? Lyme disease

It’s such a small insect – ticks. How could one ever imagine that a single little bite from one of these guys, can kill a person? A year ago, I was admitted to hospital, thinking I had a back problem. … Continue reading

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Beaten to death by his step father – childrens rights or parents rights?

The 2.february 2005, 8 years old Christoffer Kihle Gjerstad was beaten to death by his step father. As time has passed and both the step father and the mother has been sentenced for the crime, the momory of little Christoffer … Continue reading

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Et hatet folkeslag – for 100 år siden og i 2013

Opp igjennom tidene har få mennesker lagt skjul på sin forrakt for rom folket. De blir beskyldt for ran og tjuveri, juks og fanteri, barnemishandling, organisert kriminatiltet, mafia virksomhet med mer. Det er ikke til å legge skjul på at … Continue reading

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Crash course in how to tie a tie

As a mother of a young man to be, I was not surprised that this situation would arise. I was just not prepared for the timing. 4th grade was having a costyme party, and my 9 years old son was dressing … Continue reading

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How (not) to write about Africa

I could not help but loving this video! Therefore I am sharing it with you today. There are so much critics these days about how not to write about Africa – and they are well deserved. But is there any posts … Continue reading

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