Africa for Norway – the tables have turned!

How often do we see the terrible pictures and videos from Africa with starving children, illness, famine and whatever worse situations you might find in Africa. But do we ever get to see the other side of the coin? Do we ever get the see the rapid growth of development and technology, the beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, happy people, awsome safari lodges, high level schools, business development and all the other beautiful sides of Africa?

And by the way – what does “Africa” mean to you? Do we ever even remember that “Africa” is actually a continent – not a country? It is different from one side to the other – just like Europe. The people, the cultures, the nature and all – is different from one country to another. But for a tourist in “Africa” for the first time, who does not speak the language…. it might be difficult to understand and to see it?

Some Norwegian student has really taken a stand to the way we present Africa to the rest of the world. The project Radi-Aid and the fantatsic video Africa for Norway  gives a clear picture of the impression people will get of a country or continent if they are only represented with one side of the coin – the negative. They are creating awarenss of how and what we are presenting to people when working with aid.

Africa for Norway is doing an absolutely wonderful job creating awareness of the impression we are giving the rest of the world when distributing negative information to try to create a positive outcome. How would we like Norway to be presented to Africa??

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Fair trade – for both people and the environment

Maasai Dog Collar - Fair trade

Halter & Lead is taking action to better the world: now forcusing on fair trade and eco friendly products. These are Maasai Dog Collars made by the Maasai people in Kenya.

I have been running a webshop for petgear for about 6 years now. Yes, it’s fun, but it can also be very demotavating some times – specially when my focus is elsewhere. So I had to figure out what would actually be motivating to sell. And after a little planning – we are now changing course! Halter & Lead AS is now going to focus on taking in products who is eco friendly and is made under fair trade conditions.

Our first product in is the Maasai Dog Collars. These dog collars are made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya. So we are told that these collars are made under fair trade conditions, but as we all know – things aren’t always as we are told. Does anyone have any “real life” experince as to where and how these collars are made? I would love to hear about it!

We all want a better world, but it is easy to put business first and say “yes, but I need these products. I can’t get those products fair trade og eco friendly”, but if we can put that aside for a moment, the market will have to adjust accordingly to customers demand.

So – WAKE UP – everyone who produces pet gear – we now want eco friendly products made under fair trade conditions!

Do you have a pet at home? How much money do you spend on that pet? Wouldn’t it feel better if you knew that those money where actually taking part in changing the world to the better for everyone?
Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear your opinion!

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What kind of aid actually works? Sawa World makes a difference!

Sawa World bus and CD

Sawa World bus and CD

We have all seen it, time and time again, all the aid and support to Africa that leads to nowhere. I recon that to be allowed to call it “helping people” there should be legal guidelines to make sure that the solutions are actually sustainable, and not just some advertising stunt from rich contries or companies which will lead to nowhere.

This is where Sawa World makes a huge difference. Sawa World works with local solutions, local people and and solutions that can work for anyone who wants or needs it. They are making PERMANENT CHANGE.

That is why I want to support Sawa World, and this time I have done it by purchasing products in their webshop. I just received my Sawa Bus and Sawa World CD last week, and I am truly enjoying the music. The children singing on the CD are truly talented young boys, and they deserve to be heard! My children loves to play with the bus – it has already driven many times around our living room.

Would you also like to support Sawa World? You may donate money or purchase products in the Sawa World online store. It will help to make permanent change for the people who needs it the most 🙂

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Building a snowman using a tractor

Building a snowman using a tractor

The snowman finished! Two happy and tired guys 🙂

As the weather changes, it is hard to keep up with all the thigns that needs doing on the farm. But finally we got some prefect snowman-making snow and grabed the opportunity. So when we make a snowman in Espeviga – we do it properly! Here we used our tractor to get the heavy snowballs in place. I wish I could have shown you the entire video, but it got too long. Suppose I better learn how to edit a video – will try next time:-)

Suppose this could be a trdition? Wonder if we can beat the size of this snowman next year? Only time will show 🙂

Here you can watch the video of my son and husband adding the head of the snowman  to the top of the sculpture:

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Learning wordpress and blogging, with high ambitions

Right, so I’ve got myself a blog 🙂 Thinking to share a little of my busy little life. My days are mostly filled with work at the webshop, family life with my husband and two children, taking care of our two horses (and a few other pets), as well as my favourite hobby and endless passion for Tanzania.

Politics is something which has never interessted me before – until I came to realize that the only way to make a change in this world is to get involved. And that’s what I’m doing. I want to share ideas, I want discussions, and most of all  – I want change.

I want to change the way rich countries take part in keeping 3rd world countries as poor as they are. I want to change the way people look at Africa. I want to change the most common ways people raise their children to less violent solutions. And I want to change the treatment services for people addicted to drugs in Norway. I want to change life for all the poor people suffering in Romania. And as for all thing things I havn’t mentioned yet – well – you’ll get to hear about them soon enough.

I hope you’ll follow, take part and join in discussions. And if you’ve got some good advice for a new blogger, then I will be happy for all advices I can get 🙂

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